Accessibility at the Sisters Folk Festival

Accessibility Ambassadors Are Wearing Blue Vests, they’re here to provide information relevant to our patrons with disabilities and help you with access to our music venues.

 Patrons with Mobility Limitations

  • The Festival is held in 11 venues throughout Sisters, with some distance between stages. Much of it is outdoors, with some stages situated in parks or grassy areas; therefore, some travel is over natural terrain.
  • We do not provide personal care, golf-cart rides, or push service. Please plan ahead and bring attendants if needed. In addition, the Festival does not provide wheelchairs for rent or loan. Please make arrangements in advance if a wheelchair is needed.
  • Wheelchairs, power-wheelchairs and three- or four-wheeled scooters are allowed for use by patrons with mobility disabilities.
  • Accessible bathrooms or portable toilets are available at all venues.


Accessible parking is available on city streets as marked. There is additional accessible parking signed at some venues and in two parking lots at the east end of Cascade Avenue at Sisters City Hall and the Sisters School Administration building. The shuttle bus will stop periodically at those parking lots.

Accessible Venue Entries

If there is a designated entry for patrons with disabilities it will be signed. Otherwise the venue entrance is accessible. Please feel free to approach any volunteer at the venue entrance to ask for help with accessible seating and possible early access to the venue.

If you have questions in advance of the Festival, please call our office at 541-549-4979 or email

A printable version of this page is available HERE.